Recruiter of the Month

For many years IPG has been setting up young travelers all over the world with incredibly good travel opportunities, accommodation and highly paid jobs to facilitate the whole experience. As you can tell by their slogan, they are ‘the world leader in paintball,’ and having that kind of infrastructure and experience behind them allows IPG to dominate their particular industry (paintball sales) by providing their staff with high level sales training, coupled with great incentives, enticing their sellers to sell at a consistently high rate.

So what is so compelling about what IPG has to offer young people wanting to travel such as yourself… quite simply it is the deal that they put on the table.

If you’re a 20 something in Australia, the UK, Ireland, NZ or Canada who wants to trip around the any of those other countries for a while, IPG will pay all your flights, accommodation and meals to get you over there. Once you’re there they will set you up with a job in one of their sales teams working their way around the country week by week.

You’ll get high quality sales training in the lucrative direct marketing industry that you will be able to take with you anywhere into virtually any sales job afterwards, and you can earn up to 100% commission on all of the sales that you make while in one of their sales teams. We don’t care what kinds of sales jobs you may have had in the past… 100% commission is just unheard of, and when you think that you can take that commission and spend it shooting over to Europe or anywhere around the country you’re working in for the weekend, this makes the whole IPG package a deal that just cannot be missed!

At present IPG is set up in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, with a new office in Canada only months away from opening. Many IPG sellers have completed their training in the UK and then come over to check out Australia and New Zealand. So why not jump on board now, complete your training in any one of the existing countries that are already set up, and then when the new Canadian IPG office comes online you’ll be able to move virtually around the globe with this great company using paintball tickets to support your global adventure.

Did we mention that IPG owns houses all over the globe for it’ sales people to live in!!! And these aren’t just houses… they’re essentially mini-mansions that take the idea of an international working holiday out of the realms of backpackers and hostels to a whole other level of opulence and luxury.

Have a look at a few of the samples below to get an idea of the kinds of accommodation we’re talking about…

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