Frank McAllen

I’m having the time of my life
I am having an amazing time. The money is great and I get to travel the world!

Frank McAllen, Australia

Jason Stuart

The best financial decision of my life!

The Working Holiday Club is hands down, the best financial decision of my life. I remember thinking to myself, how the bloody hell am I ever going to save up $50K for a house deposit. Considering my spending habits, the chance of me doing this was somewhere between none and zero. Well, I’ve just bought my first place only 5km from Sydney city. Job done! Since starting, I have chosen to use this as a means of fuelling my travel or spending goals. I have worked hard for a set period, then used my incredible earnings to buy the things I want! Seriously, until you’ve done this job, you would not believe this sort of money is possible. I didn’t! Imagine what it feels like to earn $2-4000 every week! Last year, 3 people in our Sydney office earned in excess of $100K. But if career progressions what you’re chasing, come get it. I went from being a sales consultant in the UK, to Birmingham manager, Sydney manager and now national sales manager within 4 years. For me, this is a career not a storm in a tea-cup. So if you’re looking for a way to fast-track your savings plan all whilst having an absolute ball, look not further!

Jason Stuart, Australia

Barry Walker

The traveling options are endless

Baz here! I’ve been here in Oz working for 1 year now. I can’t think of any other job that could possibly beat this one. Being a traveler abroad, the job has already taken me to Sydney, Perth, Melbourne. How good is that? Once I got the hang of selling, I started to make loads of money and met brilliant people. You just can’t beat getting paid a stack of cash to talk to people all day. Especially when you meet the odd good looking girl along the way. I liked it so much, I am going to stay and do it for another year.

Barry Walker, Australia

Phil Jiricek

Discover life, join the WHC

I’ve been with the Working Holiday Club now for about a year and a half. And I must say, it’s the most unique company. I’ve worked in the 2 opposite sides of the world. I started in London and travelled to a couple of other places in the UK. Now I’m back in my home town Melbourne and managing the office. It’s the only job I’ve had in my adult life where honestly never feel like I’m going to work. You know even though I work an average of 5 to 6 days a week, it’s never felt like work. It’s the only job where you can genuinely make $3.5K or more in a week. You’re meeting up after work, playing poker, having drinks. There’s such a social element to it that it’s not like any other job out there. So to anyone thinking of coming out to Australia, do it. There’s so much opportunity here! You’ll pickup some great work, make loads of cash, travel round Australia working in all the major cities. You’ll see everything that OZ has to offer while at the same time making a stack of new mates. It’s definitely worth a shot for anyone thinking about it! You’ll make a wad of money and have some great fun doing so!

Phil Jiricek, Australia

Luke Candeloro

This job combines my two passions… money and travel

I’ve been working with WHC for about 5 years. I’ve probably spent about 3 of those years working and the other 2 I’ve spent travelling the world. I’ve been all around Europe, America and Canada. Probably the best thing is the people. All the people I’ve worked with are truly awesome. I’ve made lots of good friends all around the world. I love the fact that I can basically work anywhere – London, Manchester, Glasgow and then onto Australia in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and now Sydney. The biggest plus about the job is definitely the money you can earn. It’s absolutely ridiculous the amount of money you can earn selling on the street. I thank the Working Holiday Club for giving me the opportunity to do all that stuff. So get on board!

Luke Candeloro, Australia

Tony Wilson

This job has given me the quality of life I want!

This is the job I’ve been looking for having had careers in real estate, massage therapy, swim coaching and cruise ships. Through the Working Holiday Club, I have finally found a job that gives me the freedom and cash to do what I want financially with the quality of life to match. I was sick of jobs where big money meant less time at home and constant stress. I now look forward to going to work and don’t have to wear a suit in order to make in excess of $100K a year.

Tony Wilson, Australia

Steve Charleson

See the world, make money… it’s fantastic

Originally from Canada, I started working out of the London office through the Working Holiday Club. I worked there for about 2 and a half years. It was incredible! I made heaps of money and got to travel around Europe. When the opportunity arose to come and work out of Australia, I jumped on it straight away. I’ve now lived out here for a year and a half and work out of the Perth office. It’s absolutely fantastic. Fresh faces, great weather, great people and the sales are incredible down here. The job is so great, it didn’t take me long to recruit my brother and get him to come down to Australia and work as well. He’s now working out of the Brisbane office and doing really well over there. He’s loving Brisbane and the wicked job he’s found himself in. One of the best bits about the job is the flexibility. The managers are pretty cool about you taking holidays providing you give them plenty of notice. And there’s so many different offices you can work out of so choose your poison. So not only can you see the country, you can do it whilst making a ridiculous amount of cash. It’s absolutely fantastic down here.

Steve Charleson, Australia

Gabe Whitbourne

Live and work in a host of different places

With the Working Holiday Club, I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in a host of different places. From London to Glasgow, Dublin to Sydney… this job rocks! I love the flexibility the job affords. Whether it be the work hours or the relaxed way of life, WHC can be there to help you with your life goals. Currently I play with a band 2-3 days a week and work the other 3 days to keep myself afloat. I am so thankful for this flexibility! You bludge, you get left behind. You commit, you’ll propel to the top. You choose!

Gabe Whitbourne, Australia

Miro Pletenberg

The best job ever!

Well, what can I say about the Working Holiday Club. Where else can you earn more than a grand in one week as a sales person while having a laugh? I love meeting new people and catching up with like-minded others. There is not better way to do this!

Miro Pletenberg, UK

Louise Pollard

2009 was the best experience of my life!

Hi, I’m Louise, after completing one year at university in Australia I decided I needed a break to travel and learn a bit about myself. My plan was to move to England; find a job, a place to live, earn some money, then travel Europe! I arrived in London and started work a few days later. A couple of weeks went by and I really got to make some good friends in the company. I ended up moving to the Birmingham region where I lived for 6 months. The Working Holiday Club made 2009 the best experience of my life; I made some awesome friendships that I still have today. It was flexible and allowed me to travel around Europe, always knowing I had a place to work when I returned. It requires some hard work but we definitely knew how to party hard with the many parties they threw for us! I learnt so many everyday skills, so much about myself, I now have a large network of friends from all over the world, I’m more confident and I know I can achieve anything.

Louise Pollard, UK

Ryan Van Den Berg

By far the best job I have ever done!

It’s never easy starting a new job, but I really needed a change from the 10am till 8pm hours I was working. I came home tired, irritated and hardly saw my wife. I decided to enquire about this job I saw advertised with the Working Holiday Club and went to the interview. I was offered a job with the company immediately. Without thinking, I grabbed the opportunity of working my own hours, different locations everyday and having the uncapped earning potential. I was doing 15 to 20 sales per week with ease and within my first 3 months I was made a trainer. Sales kept coming, money was never an issue and I could finally start spending some time with my wife. We traveled a lot, experienced London to its core and could afford most things without thinking about finances. After a trip to Croatia, I spent 2 weeks with one of the WHC legends, Kelvin Cunningham. He really taught me some great sales skills and I grew in confidence big time! Well, I am back in SA now, but can’t tell you how amazingly well I have been equipped as salesman after working for the Working Holiday Club. My confidence is sky high and I made life long friends while working there. If you are looking for uncapped earning potential, freedom to work your own hours, a confidence boost, looking to make incredible friends, work super hard and play really hard, then this job is perfect for you. This job will equip entrepreneurs to do big things! It is by far the best job I have ever done and I owe my experience to the WHC. Thank you so much!

Ryan van den Berg, UK