UK – Visa Information

There is a wide range of categories available that enable you to work in the UK. Each category has different requirements, and should be thoroughly read before you apply. Click Here to view this information onthe UK Visa’s website.

In most circumstances you will need to apply for your visa in the country of which you are a citizen or a permanent resident. If you choose to change your visa once you arrive in the UK you may find that the only way to do so requires you to return to your home country for some months.

We advise you not to book any non-refundable flights before your visa has been granted as it can take up to 3 months, possibly longer, to receive.

Citizens of Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and certain Commonwealth countries, do not require a visa to holiday in the UK. However, you will need to fill in forms to apply for entry clearance on arrival, and may not stay for longer than six months. Citizens of these countries must apply for a visa to work in the UK.

Citizens of the European Economic Area and Swiss nationals do not require visas to enter, live and work in the UK. The European Economic Area covers the countries of the EU, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. However, nationals of the new EU member states Romania and Bulgaria currently need to apply for permission to work in the UK.

Visa regulations are frequently revised. See the UK Visa website or check with your local British Embassy or other diplomatic representative before you travel.